Q: What time will you deliver the items to my beach house?

For weekend deliveries, all items will be delivered between 1:00pm and 8:00pm on the day of your arrival, unless express delivery is selected at checkout.

Q: What time will you pick up the items from my beach house? Do I need to be at the property?

For weekend pickups, items will be picked by noon on the morning of your departure. You do not have to be present at the time of pickup, please leave all items outside in a fashion similar to how they were delivered.

Q: If I pick up my rentals at your store can I still schedule JFTB to pick up at the end of the week?

A: Yes! We are very flexible with pick-ups and deliveries. Please make sure you communicate with our Corolla or Kill Devil Hills store what your plans are. Click here for locations and store hours

Q: When does my credit card get charged?

A: Upon ordering.

Q: What do I do if I have mechanical trouble with the bike? (flat tire, broken chain)

A: All you have to do is contact our Corolla or Kill Devil Hills Location and we will come and fix your bike or replace it. We are located in Corolla at 501 Hunt Club Drive which is at the South Entrance of The Currituck Club, right across from The Welcome Center. Phone (866) OBX-RENT

Q: Do you Deliver to The 4X4 area?

A: Sorry at this time we cannot deliver to the 4X4 area.

Q: What advantage do I have by making my reservation online?

A:Online reservations are very fast and easy. You can view our entire catalog at your leisure and are not rushed into making a decision. When you get here, you will be able to start enjoying your vacation instead of wasting valuable time deciding on your rental selections.

Any type of early registration is treated the same (online, phone, mail or fax). We always reserve our newest equipment for our early reservations. You are also guaranteed that we will have your item(s) ready for you when you get here.

Q: What Size Surfboard Do I Need?

A: If you need a general idea of what surfboard is right for your height, weight and surfing ability, the chart below will help you find the right surfboard to meet your needs. Enjoy your time in the water!

Your Height Your Weight Board Length
4’10”-5’4” 80-125 7’0”-7’6”
5’4”-5’10” 130-170 7’4”-7’10”
5’10”-6’0” 150-200 7’10”-8’0”
5’11”-6’3” 170-220 7’11”-8’3”
6’1”-6’6” 190-260 8’1”-9’6”

Q: What Size Bicycle Do I Need?

A: Unlike more technical bikes, getting a precise fit on a beach cruiser is generally not as important since it is a more relaxed style of bike. However, you do want a bike that fits you well enough so you can pedal comfortably and easily control the handlebars to ride safely. The chart below gives you an approximate height and age range for each size of beach cruiser.

Wheel Size Frame Size Height (ft.) Age
16” 8”-10” 2’10”-3’8” 2-5
20” 12” 3’2”-4’4” 5-10
24” 15” 4’3”-5’3” 8-adult
26” 15.5”-21” 5’-6’4” 11-adult
26” extended 6’ and over adult

Q: Anything else?

If you have a question that was not answered here, please contact us – we are always happy to help!